How to Bet When There’s Nothing to Bet On

Sometimes, you feel like going to the dog track and betting a few races, but the program is less than inspiring to say the least. You look at the races and nothing jumps out at you. The dogs look about the same. So what do you do if you still want to spend the day at the dog track?

What I do is this. I check the track bias for post position. It’s either in the program, on their web site or a track official can tell you where to find it. Then I look for dogs in that post position who have something else going for them.

For instance, if the 1 box is hot, I look for ones who are coming off a win or improving in races where the other dogs don’t have anything special to recommend them. If the 8 box is hot, I look for eights who get out fast and take the lead.

The dog who wins in races where there isn’t any outstanding dog, is the dog who has something extra. It could be that it’s just won. It could be that it’s dropping down from a higher grade. It could be a young dog who just won by a wide margin in M or J.

When the program doesn’t provide you with reasons to bet dogs, you have to find your own reasons. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t. But at least you’re not betting blind or betting on numbers.

Just keep your betting light and don’t go overboard. You might be surprised how profitable a day of betting on dogs when there’s nothing to bet can be!

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