How to Bet on Dogs in Stakes Races

Just because it’s a stakes race, don’t settle for watching instead of betting. True, the dogs are all high caliber. True, with that much money at stake, the race is likely to be “clean” with no attempt to “rig” it. But there’s still money to be made by the smart handicapper.

Even the best stakes races have dogs who really shouldn’t be in them. Especially when it’s a stakes race that calls for dogs from all of the tracks in the country, there are dogs who are not as classy as the top dogs. Look for them and eliminate them from your picks.

Just because a dog ran in the top grade at its track, doesn’t mean that it’s as good as the best dogs at the best tracks. The seasoned handicapper knows that there are wide differences in the quality of dogs between one track and another. Think Derby Lane as compared to Sanford-Orlando, for instance.

Look for the early heats where dogs are being eliminated from contention. These are the races where the second tier dogs are outrun by the top tier dogs. Look for dogs who are in a post position they don’t like. Compare post positions with the post position bias for the track.

Compare the length of the race, the width of the stretch and the corners to the tracks that the dogs come from. If their track has a shorter stretch distance, expect them to fade in the longer stretch. Look for dogs who need to outbreak other dogs to win, but won’t be able to outbreak the better dogs they’re running with now.

All these factors and others can help you cash tickets even when there are stakes races at your track. As a matter of fact, if you use these tips to bet, you’ll be way ahead of the bettors who only bet the big favorites, which is common in stakes races.

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