How to Approach and Talk to Women – The Essential Tips

Hey man – do you envy those guys who do not seem to have problems approaching and talking to women? No worries – I have got your back. Read on to discover the effective tips and techniques you can use to make it super easy to talk to women – and make them respond to you every time…

How To Approach And Talk To Women – The Essential Tips

Tip #1: “Plan ahead”. If you dive into any social situation without enough preparation don’t blame me if you get rejected outright every time. Stop being a bumbling fool – plan ahead to that you are able to muster up the confidence in approaching women. It’s actually pretty easy to make a plan – especially when you know who you are going to approach for the night.

Tip #2: “Know the location”. You have got to pick the locations that you are familiar with. That is the reason for “home ground advantage” – you will perform better. Go to a place where the bartender knows (and likes!) you. You see, if you are comfortable with the surroundings then you will have more confidence approaching women there.

Tip #3: “Display supreme confidence”. Once you have got a plan and you are familiar with the location, then it’s easy for you to muster up the courage and confidence (the twin C’s!) to approach any girl you like. Don’t, however, mistake confidence for downright arrogance. Be slightly cocky – but don’t come off as totally insufferable. The best way to do this is to use humor.

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