How Can You Improve Your Golf Game? Here Are 3 Tips to Help You Shoot 10 Strokes Lower Fast!

Many people often as the question “how can you improve your golf game?” Their are many ways that you can improve your golf game dramatically in just days if you just know how to practice and what you need to improve on. I am going to show you 3 common problems that if you can improve them quickly you can take multiple strokes off of your game in a hurry!

Whether you are looking to break 100, 90, 80, or wanting to break par these three tips will help you hit more solid golf shots and improve your golf game!

1. First and foremost you must have a great mental approach and realize that you are not going to hit every golf shot the way that you want to. Even Tiger Woods cannot do that, so if you are in the pursuit of perfection try to back off a little bit to lower the pressure and high standards that you place on yourself.

2. Next you are going to need to work on your putting and short game. Their is not quicker way to take a lot of shots off of your scores faster than learning how to drain those putts inside of 10 feet. Just take a minute to think about how many putts you miss each round inside 10 feet. Chances are it is quite a few, and can you improve your golf game by learning to make most of these putts? Absolutely!

3. Lastly you are going to want to improve the technique and feel of your golf swing. Make sure that you make a complete shoulder turn that is tension free. This will ensure that the ball flies far and straight and that you are able to play the best golf that you possibly can.

So can you improve your golf game? Well it is really up to you, but if you practice a little bit an work on your technique their is no reason that you can not make drastic improvements in as little as a couple of weeks!

Jan 20th, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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