How Bisexuals Can Successfully Date Heterosexuals

There are many ways that you as a bisexual can successfully date a heterosexual (or straight) person without any unneeded complications. The first thing a couple needs to do is fully understand and accept each other’s sexuality. This goes both ways. A bisexual person needs to accept that their straight lover is really just interested in the opposite sex, it does not mean that they not ‘ready’ or ‘open’ enough to be bisexual, they just aren’t. On the same hand a straight person needs to see that their partner’s bisexuality does not mean they just have not come to terms with being gay or lesbian yet.

The next step a bisexual trying to establish or keep a relationship with a straight partner needs to do is to respect a date’s boundaries. Everyone bisexual or straight needs their space and time alone sometimes. That is essential for them to process thought, emotions and experiences properly. All bisexuals should really remember that being bisexual does not mean that they should get special treatment or advantages and should stick to the same rules as the other partner does. Being curious is fine but also let the relationship follow its own natural path.

Instead of focusing on what they have that is different from the other person, bisexuals should try to instead find the common ground in their relationship. Sexual orientation is not everything and it should remain only a part of their life not their whole life from waking to going to sleep. Spending all of each other’s time discussing sexuality only becomes boring and redundant it can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and possibly cause the relationships downfall. So each bisexual wishing to date a straight person should make a list of the things they share in common and why they are with their significant other and focus on the positive.

A bisexual dating should be sure before the relationship ever begins that they make a distinction between attraction and sexual activity with their partner. If they know they can never stay with just one person and will need others sexual to fulfill their bisexual needs then they should state that in the beginning even if they know it draws risks of the relationship ending. If they really care about their straight partner they will realize that they are just being selfish and dishonest by not sharing this fact.

If they in fact are happy with just one person and simply have attraction to other people it is also nice to clear this up with their partner to ensure that there are no questions about this later on. They should explain that attraction is not always gender exclusive but just like a straight person may be attracted to someone else that does not mean they necessarily need to act on it. Remember to always communicate with your partner your acceptance of their sexuality even if it differs from your own and the occasional problems you have will be easier to deal with.

Dec 3rd, 2014 | Posted in Gay Lesbian
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