Hooked Real Motion Fishing Review

Since Nintendo added a mini-fishing-game in Zelda, developers have been trying to produce the same fishing game experience in Wii but to no avail. Hooked! Real Motion Fishing suffers the same fate as other Wii fishing games, such as Rapala Tournament Fishing.

The Hooked! includes a rod and reel controller shell in its game package. You can insert the controller to it for a more intuitive experience. The gameplay is a combination of Fishing Master’s rod and Rapala’s realistic attempt on the sport.

Players can drive their boats in different lakes and cast their lines with varying style. After casting your line, you will be ported to an underwater camera with a plenty of fish floating on-screen, which is less than pleasing to look at because the movement of the fishes makes a mess big time.

You need to reel closer to initiate a strike. Once you get to hook a fish, a mini-game will launch just like the motion-based battle in Fishing Master. Despite copying this gameplay, Hooked! failed to capture the entertaining quality of Fishing Master making it a more unpleasant game. One thing that Hooked! successfully included in its repertoire of features is the support for online gameplay.

The only problem is that it’s rare to see anyone online to play with because of the game’s horrible gameplay and awful presentation. In summary, Hooked! Real Motion Fishing doesn’t come close to the fishing game experience in Zelda, albeit it’s just a mini-game. Hopefully developers can find their way to create a game that balances arcade and realistic fishing.

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