Honesty in Bi-Dating – Tips to Be Honest

We’re Bi and where proud has not quite caught on yet. But you can be honest without carrying a banner and marching in a parade. Today one of the best ways to find Bi-dates is the internet.

If you are using the internet to find bi-dates I recommend that you stick with dating sites that cater to people that are bi.┬áThere is nothing worse than showing up for that first date with a hot guy or girl and finding out that they’re not interested in you because you are Bi. Or you tell the person on the regular dating site your Bi and they’re like oh OK that is cool. Then when you’re out with them they make a scene because they thought Bi was short for Bipolar.

The first step in successful bi dating on or off line is honesty. Off line when getting to know someone being honest can be easier. This is because so many of the things that people lie or fib about in their online profiles are obvious when you are standing side by side. Online you must take the time to fill out a complete profile. I do not care if you think it will leave you with nothing to talk about if you have a full profile. If that is the case then there is not much reason to get to know this person if they or you are that boring.

When you are telling the world about you and what you hope to get from your bi-dates do not hesitate to mention that you are bi. This being said if you are only looking for a date with a guy then say that right out. If you want to date a girl then say that right out. Otherwise do not complain when both approach you.

Many times it can be tempting to leave out the part about the other person you’re dating now. So you and your current significant other date other people fine. But not everyone will be ok with that. Mentioning that in the profile can save you many headaches and wasted time in the long run. Quick tip here if you are not interested in dating or getting to know someone that is dating someone else then mention it in your profile.

More people miss out on great bi-dates because of using the wrong picture or the deadliest of all no picture at all. It is very easy to lie when selecting your picture. Very few people will actually use a picture of someone else and say that it is them. But there are many other ways to lie with your picture.

If you use an older picture of that is older than 6 months or 20 pounds of difference. Using a picture of you standing with twenty other people is not really very honest of a portrayal either.

Instead use a recent picture that shows you. Select two or three pictures of you. Unless you are looking for a strictly online relationship at some point you will want to meet this other person face to face. That will be a pretty awkward first date if you look completely different than you do your profile picture.

Be honest when bi-dating it will improve your dates. Now go out and have some great bi dates honestly.

Dec 3rd, 2014 | Posted in Gay Lesbian
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