Hit Crisp Iron Shots – Learn How Here

Learn How To Hit Crisp Iron Shots

Anyone who has played the game of golf knows that the feeling you get when you hit crisp iron shots is what keeps you coming back to the game. To see these shots executed exactly the way you see it on television is one of the greatest feelings that a person can accomplish in any sport. The memory of hitting those shots will erase any of the previous duffed shots that may have been hit. Golf is a difficult sport to master because of the amount of time it takes to practice and get better. Here are some things to consider to keep those beautiful iron shots coming.

To Hit Crisp Iron Shots It Is Important To Remember:

One of the most important things to remember if you want to hit crisp shots is to maintain good balance in your stance over the ball. If you are hitting a longer iron like a 3 or 4, the ball should be more toward your left foot when you set up (this would be for a right handed golfer). When you are hitting mid-range irons, the ball should be in the middle of your stance, and with short irons it should move more toward your right foot. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart, but being comfortable is the most important thing. A good tip once you are lined up in this position would be to keep your head slightly behind the ball. Focus on the small patch of grass just behind the golf ball. To achieve a clean, crisp shot, you need to make contact with the ball right where it meets that patch of grass. This will get the ball airborne and keep it on line with your target. On a solid iron shot, you should take a small credit card sized divot out of the ground and the shot should feel good.

The Key To Hit Crisp Iron Shots Is To Follow Through

Another important key to hit crisp irons is to follow through on your swing. Often times golfers will swing more with their arms than their bodies. On a good iron shot, your body should follow through with your hips rotating and finishing at your target. You should also feel a good twist with your upper body as your arms come up through the shot. Achieving this balance and follow through will keep shots going where you want them.

Final Tip: Practice, Practice & More Practice

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