Hit Better Iron Shots – How to Hit Better Golf Iron Shots

One of the biggest keys to improving your golf game is to learn to hit better iron shots. Many average golfers spend a lot of time on the driving range hitting their driver as far as they can and neglect to work on their iron play. Hitting the long drive down the fairway is definitely a fun part of the game, but what good does it do if the next shot (hit with an iron) goes sideways into the woods or a hazard. In a typical round, golfers will use their irons more than any other club in their bag.

Stance Is Everything

Having a good stance when setting up over the ball is key if you want to hit better iron shots. A good stance involves having a slight bend at the waist and some flex in your knees. Your head should be centered over your legs and you should be focused on a point just behind the ball. Having this solid posture before you hit an iron shot will help you stay balanced and make a good body turn on your swing.

If You Slow It Down And Control The Swing

One thing that many average golfers tend to do on their swings is swing too hard. This can cause a multitude of problems for the resulting shot. A smooth tempo is really important if you want to hit better iron shots. The tempo of a solid iron shot needs to feel natural. The most important thing when determining if your tempo is right is simply to have the same tempo on the downswing as you do on the back swing. Keeping all parts of your swing in rhythm will help you hit a more consistent shot.

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