Heart and Mind

Is it the lassitude, what I am feeling or I am suffering and its increasing day after  day, hour after hour. When I recall my past I feel I have done many things that I should not have done or should have done differently. But then, beings are bound to err.

I remember the time when my emotion ate me up and then I decided to eat my emotions up and I succeeded too in that to some extant. But now I realize that emotions could have been used in better way.

Life is so strange that I myself don’t know what I am trying to know. Is this usual phenomenon or I am the only exception?

I am trying to know, “what am I trying to know? What am I trying to do? What am I trying to get?  Why so much of fear of failure, when I have failed so many times? Why am I feeling that I am bounded in my own confusions? Why am I not letting myself left with me only? Why am I not I? Question and questions but no answer

No, human too are machines with an extra sophistication of having mind. They are running as they know that they cannot stop. Stopping would mean death. Isn’t that then is the easiest way to stop working?

There must be something else that is playing with us. We cannot stop working. It is not just because of stomach but the heart from where emanates and derives the emotions. You can ask then why mind rules the world if heart is so strong.


Mind emits, heart absorbs

Mind shows, heart hides

Mind fears, Heart bears

Heart is not to rule but to serve.

I may try using my mind to control heart but the power of heart will always prevail over mind.

Mar 19th, 2017 | Posted in Psychology
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