Hawaii Diving – Maui Style

Hawaii receives an enormous number of visitors each year. In addition to Hawaiian dive sites, which are some of the most popular in the world, Hawaii is famous for its excellent surfing conditions.

The Hawaii archipelago consists of 132 islands, although only seven are referred to when generally speaking of Hawaii. Diving in Hawaii is a year round event, as the waters are always warm.

Each island has its own personality and unique offerings. Add to this the tremendous backdrop of volcanoes, shipwrecks, traditional culture and different lava formations and you find that Hawaii is an excellent destination even when you aren’t in the water.

Famous Hawaiian diving sites include Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Ni’ihau and Lanai. The dive sites offer something unique in that they contain volcanic residue and are fairly isolated, so that divers get to experience Mother Nature in all her splendor.

Of all the dive sites in Hawaii, Maui is probably the one most favored by divers. It’s best to visit in the summer months as the dive site locations dotted around Hawaii are more accessible than during winter. Winter does, however, provide some benefits, for instance one can view whale sharks, and there are fewer tourists to deal with.

The vast majority of Maui’s dive sites are located off the west coast and offer excellent diving for all levels of divers, from complete beginners to the super advanced.

Maui has lots to offer the diving enthusiast. One can find an abundance of marine life in the waters surrounding Maui, such as sea turtles, eagle rays and even some varieties of shark pop by from time to time.

Molokini Crater is Maui’s premium diving location. It is home to an underwater volcano and is also near many other of the more popular diving locations. The underwater volcano provides divers with exquisite walls, textures and depth to explore.

Nearby diving locations include Lanai – a tourist hot spot that has two excellent dive site- Cathedrals and Fishrock. The lava formations to be found in Lanai are truly breathtaking and include archways, ridges, tunnels, and pinnacles that come together to provide amazing light formations and effects.

The Hawaiian Islands are a safe and exciting destination for avid divers. Hawaii continues to be one of the most attractive scuba diving locations in the world, as Hawaiian dive sites consistently make the top international dive site locations in various surveys and polls that are run. Everybody can’t be wrong.

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