Guitars For Children – Practical For Parents Or Cool For Kids

When it comes to guitars for children, there are usually two points of view to consider. The parents and the child themselves. The parents will naturally want a guitar that the youngster will be able to learn on, which is the right size and is fit for purpose. The budding guitar god or goddess on the other hand is much more likely to be swayed by the looks, colour, or whos name is on it.

It wont be a suprise to find out that there is a vast array of instruments available to suit both parties.

Both the pretty looking and practical are well catered for.

The big companies such as Washburn, Yamaha and Tanglewood make 3/4 size guitars, which will suit children. Models are available adorned with Hannah Montana regalia and other cool kid stuff if required too.

It might not seem very cool to the youngsters, but a good starting guitar for them is a 3/4 size nylon strung classical guitar. This will be kind to their soft fingers, and as long as you dont buy a bargain basement one, it is more likely to stay in tune. Electric guitars for children are likely to have cheap tremolo bars on; kids like these. Unfortunately despite looking good they can make keeping the guitar in tune a nightmare.

Lots of children go through phases of being absolutely mad on something, and then dropping it like a stone when the next cool fad appears, so it might be wise not to spend too much on the first guitar. But dont buy an absolute cheap and tacky model, because if it doesn’t stay in tune, its a complete waste of money anyway.

If possible ask a guitar player, or go to a music shop staffed by guitar players and ask for advice.

Getting the balance between looks to satisfy the child and practicality for the parent can be difficult, but once the youngster moves on from the basics, it’ll become much easier to find a guitar to suit both.

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