Guitar Lessons For Beginners

In learning to play the guitar, it is a must for the student to familiarize with the guitar components or parts. Since guitar is already an old instrument, identifying and getting to know it is easy because a lot of information are available already online. Knowing your instrument is crucial if you want to become a better musician.

Some of us might not know this but the acoustic guitar has been around since the late 1700’s. The electric guitar has not been invented until the 1930’s. Both guitars are practically the same giving that same sound that a guitar should produce. The only real difference is that in order for the electric guitar to produce a decent and audible sound, it has to be hooked up to an amplifier.

A guitar has a number of components or parts that were tied, glued and nailed together. The parts of a guitar are the headstock, the nut, the tuners, guitar neck, sound hole, the body and bridge. You cannot create a guitar if you miss any one of them.

Some beginners don’t use a pick to play the guitar. It’s really painful to play the guitar without a pick especially for beginners who have not developed calluses on their fingers yet. To be able to pick properly, your picking hand must be open and your palm must be facing you. Then, make a loose fist while your thumb stays beside your index finger. Rotate your hand with the knuckle of your thumb facing you.

It is also a must for beginners to learn how to tune the guitar before playing it. There are many videos and tutorials online that will help you to do this. By doing this, you will also save you money because you need not to buy an electronic tuner anymore.

The next step will be learning the scales. Instructions for beginning guitar players will include how to videos in playing scales. Beginners are being taught to know which fingers to use by pressing specific string. Your thumb is not being used to press any strings, instead it is used to grip the next while pressing the strings. However, some professional guitarists are able to use their thumb in performing their piece. The remaining four fingers are being used to press down the string to make a guitar chord.

After mastering all of these, you are now ready to play your first chord. There are many available illustrated chord charts that you can use, most of them are self explanatory. Memorize all of them and play along with your favorite songs.

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