Golf Swing Problems

The most important lesson we must learn about golf swing problems is that they can be solved, and solved quite quickly and simply.

It is the problems we encounter during a round of golf that makes it more interesting, exciting, and absolutely annoying, with a hundred per cent frustration thrown in just to season it a little.

Well what did you expect from the greatest game in the World. Did you think it was going to be easy?

Think again my friend in golf, you have chosen to play the most irritatingly beautiful game that was ever devised, namely the game of GOLF.

There are a myriad of little events that go through the mind of the golfer as he is preparing himself to make the golf swing. Any one of the following suggestions can result in making a bad drive.

Distraction for instance, A whispered comment made on the tee box. A flashback to the last bad drive.

A sudden increase in wind speed, a slip of a finger on the grip, a movement prematurely in the stance.

Like I said a myriad of reasons to commit a bad golf swing. And every one of them can be resolved.

Take the change of wind speed for instance. If this occurs, STOP immediately, and wait until you adjust yourself to the change, then begin your set up right from the start again,until you feel comfortable.

If someone whispers on the tee box, which by the way is against common courtesy, but it does happen usually by beginners, STOP, and tell them politely that they are distracting you. Then start again.

Flashback thoughts are counteracted by absolute and total focus. If you are not focussed on the drive then you are going to make a mistake and lose a shot because more than likely you will end up in the rough, not on the fairway.

Most problems with the golf swing are caused by a bad grip on the club, or not setting yourself up right before driving off.

Every golfer, and I mean every golfer from amateur right up to professional, must go through a set of drills before each drive. It does not matter whether he is driving off the tee box, the fairway, or simply putting on the green. There is a format, and it is imperative that it is carried out before each shot.

To really overcome golf swing problems, it is important to have instruction as to how they are solved.

The least expensive way is to study a professionally made E video. One that will show you the correct drills and setting up procedures. If you do this not only will you be solving your swing problems, but you will also be adding a further twenty or thirty yards to your drive, I guarantee it.

Why I say do it through E video, is because you can study it at your leisure, and rerun it as many times as you like until you get your problem solved. And most importantly it will not cost you an arm and a leg in personal coaching.

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