Golf Strength Training Phase 2

Once the Golfer has effectively concluded a qualified Golf Stabilization Training Program they are now ready to move into Golf Strength Training Program.

For the Golfer this means they will now be training to maximize muscle contractions from the right muscle groups at the right time during the swing.

It is obviously true that golfers move constantly during their golf round. Since movement is such a big part of the game they must use the correct muscles to produce strength while they move. In order to do this they must Strength Train in a way that recreates the movement of the golf swing. Therefore, effective Golf Strength Training programs consider the movements made during the Golf swing and create a Strength training program that increases Golfer’s strength during these movements.

For a better understanding let’s take a close look at the Golf swing. Lets imagine that the golfer has just settled down into his pre-swing stance. He is taking regular, deep breaths therefore his core is contracting and he can now begin to activate his glutes, upper back muscles, obliques, ect… to create an effective swing. Understand that there is a proper order to muscle activation during the swing that gives us a template to build our strength training from.

The Best Golf Strength Training Program is one that has the Golfer engage in sets of exercises that mimic the movement the Golfer creates during the swing. Once the Golfer is able to move through the exercises effectively, resistance (weights) can be added to the movement to create increased muscle fiber contraction and muscle endurance.

The resulting conclusion is that if a golfer is not able to activate the correct muscles at the right time during his swing, the force he generates will be mis-applied in his swing and his shot will be off. Accordingly, an effecive Golf Strength Training program should be designed to teach the golfer to properly, and maximally activate the right muscle at the right time during the swing.

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