Golf Iron Tips – How to Improve Your Iron Game in 3 Easy Steps Right Now!

If you have trouble with your iron play and need some golf iron tips then you have nothing to be ashamed of. There are literally hundreds of thousands of golfers around the globe who struggle a lot with hitting irons. It can be a tough part of the game to master, but with a few tips you can learn to hit crisp iron shots time after time and round after round.

1. The first step that you must take to improve your iron play is to understand that you are not going to hit every shot perfect. While that seems obvious many people fail because they seek perfection in a sport where it is simply unattainable. What you need to do is work hard on your technique but realize before you ever tee of that you are going to face some tough times on the golf course.

2. Of all the golf iron tips that I have heard one of the best is to take one more club, put it farther back in your stance, and swing a little slower. This method has a variety of benefits, first and foremost it gives you that opportunity to hit solid shots and have them go right at the flag. Remember when hitting irons that it is not a macho act, I would much rather hit one or two extra clubs and be right online then try to muscle up and hit wayward shots.

3. The third thing that you can do to hit your irons better is to make sure that you make a complete shoulder turn in your backswing. What this allows you to do is come into the ball with more power, and you will also come in with a more shallow angle of attack. Getting too steep on the ball is what causes many players to hit the ball fat or thin, so if you improve your angle of attack by making a full shoulder turn then you will be well on your way to success.

These golf iron tips should improve your game, and if you want to get better in a shorter amount of time then you ever thought possible then I suggest you do exactly what I did!

Jan 16th, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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