Golf Etiquette Made Easy

Golf is a fantastic game but like any game it is important to know the appropriate rules and manners. Before you take that first swing it’s important to know the basic etiquette of the game of golf.

Golf is a patient game, no matter if you are playing a round by yourself or with 1,2 or more friends you must wait your turn. Keep tabs of the group in front of you and wait until they are well ahead of you before you hit your ball.

It’s not considered cool, in fact it’s considered “darn” rude if you push the group in front of you to hurry up, be patient and wait for your turn to hit the ball and never hit your golf ball at the same time as someone else in your group.

Before taking your swing at your ball, have a look at what sort of shot you need to make and pick out the right club for the job. This keeps you ready and prepared and can help speed up the game, nothing is worse than waiting for the group in front of you to play through and then you taking a further 5 minutes deciding what club your going to use. No need to hurry, just be ready when your turn comes up.

If your group is a little slow and holding up the players behind you, let them play through, simply wave them on or if your both at the tee off ask them if they would like to play on through. This saves everyone from being frustrated, you from the pressure of slowing up the next group and the next group from having to wait for you on every hole.

Whenever anyone is making a shot you should be behind them both out of courtesy and safety, do not make a sound. It can be very distracting when trying to take your swing when someone behind you starts eating chips or their mobile phone starts ringing.

Always replace your divots, if you take a shot and half the turf comes up with the golf ball, replace it. On some course you just try and put the divot back grass and all and stamp it firmly into place, at most causes they have sand/seed mixture you can replace into divots. If your ball makes a dent in the green that you consider could put off someone’s shot use your divot tool to fix it.

As soon as you have finished a hole, put the flag in for the next group and leave the green, when your back at your clubs or buggy right down your score and continue on to the next hole.

There are many rules in the game of golf but these simple golf etiquette tips should see you through your first game of golf without coming to blows with anyone. Golf is a dignified game so lets keep it that way.

May 29th, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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