Golf Chipping Yips

If you are a beginner to golf then you might heard of problem called chipping yips. Many golfers face the problem of golf chipping yips. But what are these yips in golf? This is the problem of getting sudden tremors, freezing and jerking especially when you are chipping or putting. More than one fourth of the golfers suffered from this problem sometime or other. It is sometimes looks mysterious enough to see that even pro golfers sometimes ends up being crippled and slowed down by golfing yips.

This type of condition is often found in the dentistry, musicians or stenographers and obviously in golfers also. Medically it is known as Dystonia. This type of problem is more often found in the people who remain in a particular abdominal position for a longer time and repeat the motion in several times in exactly the same manner. The main reason of chipping yips is the deterioration of muscles or nerves by continuous repeating the same chipping action. So, the overusing of certain muscles is the major responsible factor.

Most golfers feel that it is a bad omen to talk about golf yips. They feel that if you talks about that then most probably you will be getting the yips. Now the question arises that how to avoid the golf chipping yips? The first and foremost thing is to maintain a good physical health and all muscles should be well exercised. Also, you can try changing your iron (or putter) so that chipping (or putting) shots are served slight differently and the problem of yips does not yield.

Also one more factor that can cause this problem is your mental attitude. If you are feeling nervous in the game then there are more chances of you getting the yips. Always remember chipping is a game of confidence and for that you need to practice a lot. A golfer must approach to each shot with positive attitude and calmness. Sometimes too much attentive mind can also lead to the downfall of your performance. So, the best approach to avoid yips is to play the game with correct attitude. Forget all your nervousness and try to play the game in optimistic manner.

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