Golf Balls Provide a Multitude of Choices

Golf Balls were once wooden, and the game of golf was a short range game played on links. The development of ‘featheries’, a 17th century ball of goose feathers stuffed in a leather pouch allowed for our modern concept of the ‘long-game’ to develop – featheries flew further when struck.  In the mid eighteen hundreds the guttie ball replaced the featherie. Made from the rubber like sap of the Sapodilla tree, a guttie not only flew farther, but its flight was truer. The guttie balls also had small surface imperfections that improved the aerodynamics and led to our modern dimpled balls.

Golf ball technology continues to evolve and today’s golfers have a multitude of choice. Any type of ball for any level of golfer. Regulation balls for approved play, short flight practice balls, whiffle balls, novelty balls and RFID Transponder balls which are useful on a driving range transmitting data including the distance and accuracy of your target shooting. You can also get used and recycled balls which have been graded for quality.. And for the golfer that enjoys a bit of tom-foolery, you can find exploding balls, trick balls and novelty golf balls as well.

Choosing the right golf balls is part science and part personal preference. Golf balls today fall into two basic categories – balls for amateur or recreational players (those with low swing speed) and balls for the physically strong player (with a higher swing speed). It is important to choose the right ball for your playing ability because the level of compression, the firmness of the core and the number of layers in the ball will all effect spin rates and distance. Have your swing tested for speed at your local driving range, then armed with this information you can choose the proper ball type and style for your golf game. Color can be a factor in your choice – will you choose traditional white, or a high visibility color ball?

Golf balls are the smallest pieces of your equipment, next to the tee, but there is no single choice you can make that will have more impact on your game.  Using the right ball will mean truer flight, better targeting, and greater distance for your game.

Jan 24th, 2017 | Posted in Golf
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