From Where I Stand

It’s usually difficult to remember the Big Picture. Fascinated by events or people, we tend to focus narrowly only on content. Example: How does God permit (or, how do you explain) all the fighting, killing, and suicide bombers on our planet?

Most of us go immediately into right and wrong. We’re right in our humanity and givingness: “They’re wrong in their destructive thoughts and actions.” Right? Not quite. There is a bigger picture, where right and wrong are transcended-just as an image of a coin transcends seeing just heads or tails.

On our path to world peace, we are in the process of cleaning up the hate in our hearts, the fighting in our actions, and the judgment of everybody and everyone. Now can you see the economic mess we are currently experiencing in a larger context?

We are waking up to the meaning of peace vs. struggle. Allowing individuals to be responsible for how we choose to live in a larger Field of loving energy all around us is so difficult, it takes major insane acts of congress that only create more distress and suffering so that we finally wake up to what’s happening. Under the Bush administration (the last 4 years of which was under the rule of liberals) we created a hopeless mess. We have the opportunity now to wake up to the insanity of trying to fix others while not living peacefully in our own daily lives.

As we learn to observe without anger what is happening in our world, we are forming Community, where we learn to communicate honestly and respect other individuals. (Community is described as a group of people who communicate honestly and are not afraid to take risks in a safe place.) We are right now experiencing the Awakening of America. It’s an exciting time to be on the planet. “Nothing but good can come from this.”

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