For That Personal Touch, Stay in a Family Run Hotel – English Riviera, Paignton

Are you looking for that perfect holiday, the kind that brings back memories from your younger years? The idea of staying in England and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Read on and learn why people are choosing the English Riviera and specifically picking family run hotels to stay in, rather than visiting the usual packed resorts in Europe.

The first question you may have is ‘why a family run hotel and not a larger, more well known group hotel?’. The reason family run hotels are continuing to rise in popularity is down to many factors, one of the best forms of advertisement these hotels receive is through word of mouth because of the magnificent service and atmosphere they bring.

Think about it, would you prefer to be welcomed with open arms into a small yet lovingly run ‘home’, or a large, empty building with staff who have no personal or emotional attachment to the business? I’m guessing you want the first!

This doesn’t mean family run hotels are intrusive, far from it. You can have as much space as you want, but it’s always nice to know the manager and staff has a keen personal interest in the establishment. The workers all care about keeping the place in tip-top shape because it’s theirs, if they give you bad service then you won’t return, resulting in no more business for them!

The amazing English Riviera as it’s known, includes Paignton in Devon with lovely views and a beach to die for. One particular family run hotel that has the perfect traditional family atmosphere that makes you never want to leave is The Lyndhurst Hotel. If you have never been to Devon then this is the perfect place to use as not only a place to stay, but a place to meet fellow holidaymakers in a friendly situation. If you have been to Devon in the past then you will know all about its charms, and through visiting The Lyndhurst Hotel you will be able to reminisce about the good times with strolls along the seafront and a traditional English dinner in the hotels restaurant.

Whilst it’s true that you will save a lot of money staying in England and visiting Devon, that’s not the main point of sale. The atmosphere that staying in a family run hotel like The Lyndhurst brings with its magnificent entertainment is what makes a holiday in Paignton something you will never forget.

To be truly treated like a guest is what we all want, right? To go to a hotel and feel like we belong there. At the end of the day the customer is the most important part of any business, so it’s only right that they are treated with the respect all customers deserve. The difference with a family run hotel is that you are a guest of the family, you will be able to interact with the owners and really get to know everybody who is staying there – it really is like a family atmosphere, you will be chatting away on an evening with a glass of your favourite beverage while you look out over the magical beach front illuminations.

If a holiday to remember is what you want, at an affordable price – The Lyndhurst Hotel is the place to go.

Aug 27th, 2016 | Posted in Hotels
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