Fishy Vaginal Odor- Handful Tips That Work Like a Charm

Being a doctor by profession I have seen many women coming with fishy vaginal odor. You have to probe them to get information regarding their illness. I have noticed that most of them came when the disease became out of control and they longer could bear the symptoms. I made it a point to note the reason each of them gave for silently suffering the illness even though they knew they had to take treatment. Shame and embarrassment are the prime factors that made several of them to postpone their visit to the doctor. I still remember one of the patients asking me, how will I tell my partner that I am suffering from vaginal problem? It is a pity to say, many of them still do not know that there are methods to treat fishy vaginal odor.

I felt that educating the people is necessary so that the number of silent sufferers goes down in the long run. Posting an article in the net was the best way to communicate with people and therefore I ended up writing this bit of literature. What is fishy vaginal odor? Why is it caused? Are there treatments for fishy vaginal odor? These are some of the commonly raised questions among the crowd. Well, to begin with fishy vaginal odor is treatable and curable if you put a little extra effort and dedication.

Bacterial Vaginosis is caused when the natural flora of the vagina is disturbed. Lactobacillus and the good bacteria go hand in hand under normal conditions. But under favorable breeding conditions lactobacillus which is the bad bacteria attacks this natural arrangement and infects the area. Symptoms like pain, discharge, burning and itching are normally associated with this disease. This pathogen releases amines in excess which leads to the foul smell.

Studies and researches are going on for ages to relieve women of fishy vaginal odor and in today’s world there are many options to treat your disease. Some of important points that you should keep in mind are; always maintain a healthy and hygienic living condition. Do not douche if you are diagnosed of this disease. Avoid apple cidar vinegar drinks as they can worsen your illness. Last but not the least keep your vagina dry and clean as wetness acts as a medium for breeding.

I hope this article has helped you to know more about fishy vaginal odor and how you can treat them effectively.

Apr 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Women's Health
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