Fetish fashion takes over the Berlin underground

BERLIN, July 6 |
Fri Jul 6, 2013 5:42pm IST

BERLIN, July 6 (Reuters) – Riders of the Berlin subway have
been taking trips this week that go far beyond the hip German
capital’s already outlandish standards, as models in latex wear,
fetish gear and “spirit hoods” staged a fashion show on a train.

Girls wearing all-leather sado-masochist bodysuits tottered
through the train car, followed by male models wearing nothing
but ornamental metallic sculptures around their groin. Models in
neon tulle dangled from the subway poles.

Around 600 people showed up for “Underground Catwalk”, a
ticketed show during Berlin Fashion Week that took place
entirely on a train running underneath the city.

“Because of the special location, models pretty much walk
across people’s laps. There’s loud music blasting, it’s pretty
wild and colourful,” event director Alexander van Hessen told

Micaela Schaefer, a German reality TV star known for her
self-professed ‘fabric allergy’ and near-nude appearances, made
tabloid headlines by performing in the show as a burlesque
Marilyn Monroe in a costume made entirely of artificial blonde

But “Underground Catwalk” is also a forum for young Berlin
designers to show more classic couture fare without paying the
price for a fashion tent show, said van Hessen.

Berlin’s fashion week, which ends this the weekend, is no
showcase for haute couture on the scale of Paris or Milan.

Though a strong host of young local designers have
significantly raised Berlin’s fashion profile in recent years,
the culture of the fashion week remains alternative and less
focused on exclusive designer goods.

“We are the alternative to Berlin Fashion Week,” said von
Hessen. “You wouldn’t drink champagne here, but beer or whisky.”

(Reporting by Sophie Duvernoy)

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