Festivals of Kolkata

Kolkata is a city with a laid back charm. This city is a part of Malwa Plateau. It is also known as the city of lakes. This has been possible because many of its rulers had build dams or pals that were developed as a lake. As years passed, the city developed and became more modern.

Kolkala was able to preserve its most valued traditions despite all the process of modernization. There are at least 15 festivals being celebrated yearly. These are called the Pandals which is actually a luxurious bamboo edifice. It is a staple of all the Kolkata’s Hindu Festivals. For Kolkata, festivals are not just for religious fervors but are also an opportunity to meet people, meet the culture of the city, pamper you and discover great parts of a country.

Some of these festivals are described below.

Poila Baisakh

This festival is the Bengali New Year. It happens on the first month of the Bengali Calendar. The first day is named the Poila Baisakh and marks the beginning of the crop cycle. This is also the day when many Bengali weddings are held and new businesses commence because they believe it to be good luck. The locals offer visitors some sweets and old gifts.


This is a festival celebrated with a procession called the Ashoura and is held in the city proper. This procession is led by snowy white horses and will go to areas like Metiabruz and Khiderpore.

Durga Puja

This is an event dedicated to the goddess Durga. It lasts for four days that happen between September and October. The people use incense, chants, drumbeats, sizzle, laughter and food as offerings and ways of glorifying Durga.

Durga Purja is an excellent time to meet old friends. Many activities transpire during this joyous occasion including admiration activities for the different idols, gods and goddesses.

Joydev Mela

This is an event done in Kenduli and is a fair cum festival in the month of January. It commemorates Bhakti’s birth. This festival has a connection with the rural India and Kolkata is one of them. The festival lasts for three days when spiritual shoppers, baul minstrels and city slickers are out of their way to the trance of the baul songs.

Bhai Phota

This is a celebration of familial ties. Women fast in the morning. They break their fasting by putting a dab of sandalwood on the foreheads of their brothers. They ask for good health and offer sweets. The men will then give gifts to their sister.

Dol Purnima

This is a spring festival. The people go merrymaking on the streets, drinking bhang, smearing, and ambushing passers by water balloons. People get artificial colors on the street and these artificial colors are not good for sensitive skin.

Vishwakarma Puja

This is a festival that happens on September. This is a festival dedicated to the god of creator Vishwakarma. This festival shows that the true spirit is in the homes of craftsmen and industrial workers. Business companies hold separate celebrations usually in their offices.


There is a midnight mass done in the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The whole cathedral is lighted by candles. There is a New Market where visitors can shop. The best delicacies of the season are also available at the Nahoum’s

There are many more festivals celebrated in Kolkata. You might want to see Rathyatra, Saraswati Puja,Shivratri, Id-ul-Fitr,Kali Puja, Makar Sankranti and Lakshmi Puja.

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