Female Orgasm Secrets – Warning! How to Make a Girl Wild With Orgasmic Delight!

Do you want to learn how to give your woman earth shattering orgasms? If you do, then you will definitely want to read this. Here are some methods which have proven to give women amazing orgasms and launch them to a truly euphoric state. If you do this right, she will be addicted to you.

1. Emotional Energy

To women, their emotional involvement is just as important as her physical involvement when it comes to reaching climax. So what you want to do is be sure to amp up the emotional energy. There are too ways to do this. One way is to leverage the emotional connection you have ALREADY created with her through setting up an extra romantic night – this method only works if you’ve been with a girl for a while and have had time to build a serious emotional connection with her.

The second way is by far my favorite. What you want to do is get her frustrated with you. I say ‘frustrated’ because you don’t want to get her angry. Anger only leads to bitter feelings. However, frustration leads to sexual tension which leads to lots of emotional output.

2. Stack Her Orgasms

Learn the technique of stacking her orgasms. Seriously, this is what really took me to that next level as a lover. This is done through oral sex and actually builds her orgasms from multiple places rather than only one. The result is the most amazing orgasms she’s ever experienced.

Remember, you don’t want to focus on yourself. You want to focus on HER. This will almost guarantee she gets the pleasure she craves and will get her coming back for more.

Mar 16th, 2017 | Posted in Sexuality
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