Fashion Icon Remi Lagos Dies

If iconic Nigerian fashion designer, Oluremi Osholake, better known as Remi Lagos was struggling with her health, she carried herself well, giving no clue that something was eating her up on the inside, writes Nseobong Okon-Ekong

Perhaps, only a few close friends were aware of her medical condition and that she was living with cancer of the womb; that is why the announcement of her death yesterday jolted the Nigerian fashion industry and the larger entertainment industry that she served so faithfully.

Osholake who reportedly passed on at 51 at Harley Street Clinic in London was diagnosed with the ailment sometime back. She continued to put up a brave fight against the disease, receiving chemotherapy treatment in the process. She was admitted into the London hospital in late October. Her demise followed complications after undergoing a surgery.

A couple of people who saw her at the launch of Grey Velvet stores in Lagos and the African Fashion Week in London may have observed that she appeared exhausted. Osholake who was known for keeping to herself only attended few public functions when she showing her creation. She abhorred the publicity that came with her work.

Details of her death are largely from information volunteered in the public space by two of her close friends, Funmi Iyanda who broke the news on Twitter. Her tweet read, “My dearest friend Ms Remi Osholake (Remi Lagos) passd on dis morning. She had cancer. She was a remarkable, creative force 2 d end. Life is.”

From the Facebook page of another close friend and fellow designer, Adebayo Jones who also lives in London came a lengthier note. He wrote, “Thanking You All for Your Support and Prayers.

Sadly my dear friend who has been in hospital treatment for Cancer, whom most of you have prayed for and sent goodwill messages has passed away moments ago.

“I am still in shock. I just don’t get it how someone can be diagnosed and be gone within two weeks.

“I saw her on Thursday and she was in a very delicate state which greatly distressed me the whole night and Friday. I really did wish there was somnething I could have done.

“This morning just about 12 in noon I was praying for another Friend going through an operatiion as I write, and I spent the rest of the time praying for my dear friend Remi and pleading God’s mercy.

Nov 4th, 2012 | Posted in Fashion
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