Fashion designer Bijan adored his yellow Rolls-Royce

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Fashion designer Bijan adored his yellow Rolls-Royce



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    Beverly Hills fashion designer Bijan died over the weekend, a man who appreciated his yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom as much as he enjoyed clothing presidents and celebrities. Bijan Pakzad, believed to be 71, died of an apparent stroke.

    When Drive On encountered fashion designer Bijan a few years ago, we were tooling around Beverly Hills with the U.S. chief of Rolls-Royce, Paul Ferraiolo; the brand’s publicist and a photographer. After all, Beverly Hills seemed like the only appropriate place to go with a $400,000 convertible, although we did briefly consider taking it to a drive-through taco stand.

    Realizing the story would be better if we could find an actual Rolls-Royce owner, we flipped a U-turn on Rodeo Drive and stopped by Bijan’s shop. He seemed a little hesitant to talk with us at first, but soon turned on the charm. He took us through the clothing display in his shop, including that lion-skin coat, and eventually we worked our way out front, where tourists snapped photos of his Rolls-Royce when they weren’t trying to spot Lindsay Lohan or Larry King.

    As he talked excitedly about his Rolls and his love the brand, he explained all the custom touches that he orders on his car — starting with that paint job. He has it done custom at the factory, in keeping with the brand’s “bespoke” or custom program.

    After all, if you’re going to succeed in Beverly Hills as a designer to the rich and famous, you better wear your success on your custom-tailored sleeve.

    Apr 20th, 2011 | Posted in Fashion
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