Family Friendly Las Vegas Offers Lots of Free Attractions For Families

If you’re looking for unforgettable family activities Las Vegas is the place for your next family vacation. There is lots of Las Vegas kids attractions and Las Vegas family shows to experience.

There are plenty of free activities and attractions that will make Las Vegas with kids a blast. For most of them you don’t even need to leave the Strip. Here are my family top 10 Free Attractions:

#1. Conservatory at the Bellagio

Located inside the Bellagio hotel this amazing 14,000square feet botanical garden is something to be admired. The theme inside the Conservatory is changed 5 times a year with the seasons. The expert staff of the Conservatory replaces each flower every two weeks. We have visited the botanical garden many times and every time we were amazed . Don’t forget to bring your camera.

#2. Fall of Atlantis and Festival Fountain at Caesars Forum Shops

While shopping or dining at the Forum Shops at the Caesars Palace you can’t miss the two of many amazing free shows Las Vegas has to offer. The Festival Fountain show is located at the west end of the mall and features laser light show with animatronic figures. As you make your way toward the Cheesecake Factory you’ll be amazed with even better show called the Fall of Atlantis. Watch the story of King Atlas who tries to figure out which one of his children should rule the Atlantis. The special effects are amazing. After the show is over you can admire the 50,000 gallon salt water aquarium with over 100 species of tropical fish and other ocean creatures. If you there between 1:15 and 5:15 you can watch divers to feed the fish. These moving statues shows are truly unforgettable.

#3. Fountains at Bellagio

Take an evening stroll by the Bellagio and check out the amazing dancing fountains. You can see them during the day and during the night and it will be totally different show every time. If you chose to see them only once them I recommend you do it after the sun goes down. The water, music and light show is something beautiful.

#4. MGM Grand Lion Habitat

One of the popular Las Vegas kids attractions is the Lion Habitat. Every day between 11am and 10pm you can visit the habitat and watch the lions play, interact with each other , sleep and being fed by the trainers. Because the lions spend only 6 hours inside the habitat at a time make sure you don’t plan your visit between 3:30 and 4:30 when the lions are being switched.

#5. M&M’s World at the Showcase Mall

Imagine 4 floors of nothing but M&M’s in every form, size or color. This gift shop is a dream to M&M lovers everywhere. Every floor has something different to offer. On the top floor you can visit the M&M Racing Team area and take pictures of #18 Nascar replica driven by Kyle Bush. After you make your way down the escalator you can relax inside the 3-D movie theater. On the way out don’t forget to buy a bag of the freshest M&M’s you’ve ever eaten.

#6. Mirage Volcano

Another old Las Vegas family attractions with a brand new look. Every night after dusk Volcano erupts in front of the Mirage hotel. The fire explosion will reach up to 60 feet at times. This spectacular show of water, fire and steam is one of the attractions not to be missed. Small children might be frighten by the initial explosion.

#7. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo

Hotel Flamingo invites you to stroll and explore their beautiful gardens filled with exotic flowers and foliage from around the world. Walk down the pathways that will lead you around the streams, lagoons and waterfalls connected with bridges. Sit on the bench and observe pink flamingos , swans, parrots and other wildlife. Don’t forget to look for turtles and Koi fish swimming in the lagoons.

#8. Streetmosphere at the Grand Canal Shops

The Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian is a great place to bring your family to walk down the cobblestone streets and watch street performers in beautiful costumes to show of their skills. From opera singing to Living Statues you will be transformed into old Italy. At the beginning and end of each day you can also see The Gondolier March where the gondoliers make their way through the mall and serenade the visitors.

#9. Fremont Street Experience

Experience the old Vegas in all it’s glory. Every night after 6pm colorful Fremont street puts on the huge light show. 1,400 square feet canopy that cover the street turns into a movie screen right above your head and you’re in for an unbelievable experience. Each light show lasts between 6 and 8 minutes. Don’t be surprise to find you kids laying down on the street watching the show totally mesmerized. That is the Kodak moment.

#10. Show in the Sky at the Rio

The best free attraction off the Strip. You must visit Rio where every day is a Carnival. The real show starts every night at 7pm when the parade of colorful floats makes their way right above your heads. Each float is hanging from the ceiling and dancers in costumes dance to catchy songs as they make their way around the Masquerade Village. Be ready to catch the beads as the dancers throw them out into the crowd. For $12.95 you can put on a costume and ride in a float.

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