Failure is the Best Recipe for Success

The agony of defeat, the ecstasy of success – say what?

According to the new world order failure is a good strategy for success. It’s a win-win – for losers that is.

If your company lost money last year you automatically get a bundle of cash from the Federal Government. Auto companies – busted, Banks – out of cash, Insurance Companies – broke. And guess who is getting a few billion bucks from Uncle Sam? They are.

As for me, I don’t quality for a hand-out. I don’t believe in debt, haven’t made bad business decisions (Citibank are you there) own my clothes and car free of debt. And, what has it earned me – nothing-nada-nunca.

I don’t have a mortgage I can’t pay, don’t own a company that made millions selling home loans to deadbeats and I don’t have unpaid credit card bills. And what do I get – Zero. I don’t get a bonus for being a nice Jewish girl (nice is not a bailout requirement) and I don’t get cold cash for being in the minus cash category.

It’s kind of frustrating. The losers are winning and the honest folks like me (I never even dated a married men) get nothing. I pay my taxes on time (no hope for a government job) have money in the bank (that’s probably earmarked for AIG execs), pay for shoes that hurt my feet (where is my shoe bailout) and for two phones with high speed internet (no phone-bill bailout either).

And…I am a journalist, which makes my job as obsolete as a railroad conductor. Unlike bankers and auto execs there is no bailout booty for people whose stock in trade are simply words. Unfortunately for me I am not a former AIG executive, don’t own an auto company and am not a deadbeat homeowner.

But I am an angry citizen. I’m angry that I play by the rules and miffed that the Federal Government doesn’t offer a single-woman-without-a-husband-bailout plan (you think its hard selling cars). There also isn’t a bailout for women who bought clothing they no longer want to wear (a wardrobe bailout would be nice) or a bailout for people who sold their condos in Florida two months before they tripled in price (the suckers bailout).

That pretty much makes me a loser. And that confuses me even more.

You know why? I was always told that if you play by the rules, study hard and be nice to people you will win in life. But that was before derivatives, high gasoline prices and ailing banks and auto companies.

But that would not confuse my father. He told me that in order to succeed in life I had to play piano, find a husband, teach school (so I have summers to raise children) and never to be too smart. And for years I laughed at his antiquated philosophy.

But, now I know he would have had the last laugh – especially if I had married an executive from AIG.

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