Exposed – The Best WoW Farming Spots

Not knowing where the good farming spots are in WoW can be a real frustration. If you do know where to find the best locations, not only will you be able to up your World of Warcraft income, but you’ll also save a heap of otherwise wasted time.

Essence of Air

I do my Essence of Air farming in North West Slithus. The drop rate in North West Slithus isn’t always fantastic but it’s fairly consistent overall. With the Essence of Air you’ll be able to then make the Essence of Water.

Essence of Water

To farm the Essence of Water, head to the Iron Tree Woods. The drop rate of these (from Elementals) is usually high but the area is usually packed. In this area there is a good re-spawn rate.

Essence of Undeath

By killing mobs of Undead in Dire Maul you’ll be able to get your hands on the Essence of Undeath. It’s the best place I’ve found so far for collecting this.

Essence of Earth

Essence of Earth can also be found in North West Slithus – the same place where Essence of Air can be farmed.

Essence of Fire

Essence of Fire can be found in the Un’Goro crater. The Un’Goro crater is on the Fire Plume Ridge.

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