Explosive Michele Watches Tradition Defies All Odds

It hasn’t been very long since Michele timepieces made their debut in the world of luxury watches. Being such a young brand, it has impressed the likes of designer watch enthusiasts all over the world by quickly ascending to the top of their market. The Michele brand is named after its creative director Michele Barouh, who oversees every aspect of manufacturing, design and marketing for the watch company. Barouh is also a third generation watch maker.

Her grandfather founded the company, which was later steered by her father. Upon completion of her studies at Sotheby?s Institute, where she received a Master’s Degree in the business of art, the company’s reigns were handed over to the up and coming artistic visionary. Fossil, Inc acquired the company in 2004, although Barouh still oversees the brand’s development. All Michele watches are consistently daring in their design and implementation of intricate color schemes. They blend international trends of fashion with functionality and craftsmanship to create beautifully versatile timepieces. The timepiece company’s headquarters are located in Miami Florida and carry the vibrant lifestyle of their home town in every detail of their watch?s design.

Michele is also a brand that provides the freedom of choice for those who like variety and appreciate contrasting fashion techniques. All Michele timepieces can alternate a variety of bracelets and different leather bands. This is one of their most popular features. People who wear Michele watches can constantly change the appearance of their timepiece by switching to different color leather straps, including python, alligator, lizard and calfskin. Other designer watch brands have tried to do this in the past, including Tissot, Cartier, Raymond Weil and many others. Only Michele offers the world’s largest variety of universally interchangeable bands and bracelet collections.

Besides offering the convenience and fun of versatility, Michele is also at the forefront of adaptability. The company’s website allows users to actually create custom designed timepieces in their own taste and color combinations. The Michele brand essentially, allows its customers to be watchmakers and creative visionaries themselves!

When shopping for Michele time-keeping instruments online, customers are immediately saturated with a myriad of options to choose from including, case material, bands, bracelets, dial colors, diamond accessories and various watch functions. Michele manufactures chronograph quartz watches as well as regular quartz watches, all of which are considered precision time-keeping instruments.

The world of Michele is truly an enchanting array of contemporary fashion, cutting edge design and luxurious materials that come together in perfect artistic harmony.

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