Easy Guitar Information – One Strum Away From the Internet’s Abundance

As an instrument, the guitar is so entwined with our music culture that imagining a world without it seems an impossible task. It’s used in almost all music genres. Not surprisingly, the guitar is the most popular musical instrument. I also grew up worshiping idols on TV, many of them holding a guitar. And don’t tell me you haven’t impersonated them in front of your mirror, holding an air guitar. I sure did! So I believe it’s fair to say the guitar truly is embedded in our system.

As a child the desire to play guitar comes naturally. So you nag about it until your parents ears drop off. “Can I please, please, please have a guitar?” “Can I please, please, please have guitar lessons? “For Christmas?” “Pleease, mom?” I have this strong feeling you’ve been there too. For most people, however, without much success. I had a guitar, some friends to learn me how to play but for some reason, it didn’t work for me, not then.

Not everyone is born to become an artist I guess but sooner or later that dream, to be able to play guitar, will pop up again. And for those who have a ‘teen guitar’ like me, I’m sure you hug it occasionally. You’re not alone though. Every day thousands are searching the Internet looking for guitar lessons or other guitar related information. And the net delivers abundantly. You’ll find information about the guitar on various topics. Whether you’re writing a paper for school or looking for a second hand instrument or you want to learn to play guitar, you’ll find it all. You can read its history, book reviews, look up certain chords, learn how to read tabs, learn to build your own and of course learn how to play. I’m telling you, abundantly! Participating in a social network or forum to share ideas, tabs, suggestions or ask questions is inevitable.

OK Stef, but is all that info not too much for me? Well, you’re right, it is! You can not go through all the guitar sites just to find the info you need. As I tried to do. So thank God for Google and remember this word of advice:

Always go for the easy information. For example: if you’re looking for lessons than don’t stop at a site that wants to teach you ‘the I-vi-IV-V-I progression in the key of C major’ unless it’s easy to you. If they’re talking Chinese than don’t listen. You will not learn from it.

Don’t waste your time at a 4-page story on the guitar’s history if you’re looking for a guitar history timeline. A time line should be a graphic with text labels to show you the exact position in time of certain evolutions.

Don’t just read anything and everything. Read and learn what’s easy to you. It will make it fun to reproduce and you’ll advance gradually by itself. As you do in life.

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