Dynamics of a Golf Swing – The Instruction and Tips You Need to Develop the Proper Golf Swing

Learning the dynamics of a golf swing is the most important step to improving your golf game. If you ask any golfer for tips and you may get many different answers and things to try. The one universal truth to improving your golf game is the development of the proper golf swing. This article will breakdown the steps of a proper golf swing and provide tips and suggestions for each step.

Starting with the head, shoulders and your posture during setup, you should be relaxed with knees and hips slightly bent. Correct posture will have you bending at the waist and not the back or the shoulders. A golf swing that is driven from the back or shoulders is one of the main reasons for injury when playing golf. The spine should be straight and your eyes should remain on the ball while the head should remain still and fixated throughout the entire swing. The source of power does not come from the arms or shoulders but rather the rotation of the torso or hips.

An important part of the proper golf swing is a comfortable golf grip. In a proper golf swing the dominant index finger is the one that guides the club directionally through the swing. Furthermore, the V made by your grip during setup should point between your lead shoulder and your chin.

The pace of your swing is an important component of a proper, effective golf swing. The idea is to develop a smooth and steady swing rather than a swing that is fast and jerky. A slower backswing with a fluid even motion will result in a concentrated force as it comes forward to meet the ball. As you raise the club back concentrate on rotating your hips to generate the power and not the hands, arms or back.

Golf should be fun not a source of anger and when you play poorly anger is hard to control. Fix your swing, score better and you will have a lot more fun on the golf course.

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