Druid Leveling Guide – Druid Leveling in WotLK

Druid Leveling Guide

Druids are one of the best class to play with, because of the great variety, that this class provides. You can deal damage in melee or through spells, or you can tank mobs, or you can heal. A druid can fill every role in World of Warcraft. Although, while leveling, it is very important to concentrate on one aspect of the druid and improve it in order to maximize your XP gain. In this druid leveling guide, I will give you the basics of druid leveling


Due to the versatility of this class, it is really difficult to choose the right talent build for leveling. When you choose a talent build, keep in mind that your main goal is to deal as much damage as possible, so the only viable talent trees for leveling are the Feral and the Balance. I don’t recommend the balance, because you cannot sustain your DPS for a long time. You must focus on those talents, which improve the Cat Form. At low level one of the best talents is the Feral Instinct, which will reduce the chance that you will be detected while Prowling. After it, you should pick up talents, which increase your overall damage, like Sharpened Claws, Primal Fury, Predatory Strikes, Heart of the Wild and Leader of the Pack. I recommend you to get the Improved Leader of the Pack as well. At level 50 you must get Mangle, which will give a huge boost to your DPS. Around level 50, I recommend you to get Furor and Natural Shapeshifter talent to provide more flexibility to your character.


Finding the right items for leveling is one of the main responsibilities of a basic druid leveling guide.For feral druids, those statistics are the most important, which increase their melee damage. The most important statistic is the agility, which will increase both your attack power and critical strike rating. The second is the strength, which will further increase your attack power. The third may be the stamina or critical strike rating. It is mainly depends on your current health points. If you lack health points, then go for stamina, but if you feel you need more damage then try to get items, which give you critical strike rating.

Now, you know the right strategy and play style required for druid leveling. To further increase your leveling speed, it is time to get an automated druid leveling guide.

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