Dreaming of the Perfect Cup

The perfect cup of coffee for most, it seems in Australia anyway, is a cafe latte. I know some of you ‘hardcore’ addicts out there will mock me for saying this, but it’s just the one coffee that seems to be most popular. If you were to sit at any given cafe in Australia, and stared blank-faced at the waiter, when asked what sort of coffee you would like? If you gave a nod, they would answer, ‘Ahh cafe latte, no problem at all sir’ and stroll off to happily put the docket in. Barista – ‘Another latte? Sigh’

If you were to categorise people in groups, of what their personalities were like, judging by the coffee they consumed, here is how it would go:

1. Latte – For people who grew up with ‘white and one’ style instant coffee. Your almost everyday Westerner.

2. Mocha – For girls or metro men who can’t handle the bitterness of coffee, and have to dull it down with chocolate. Real men don’t drink mocha’s.

3. Cappachino – Mostly for housewives, the teenage population, and people just getting into drinking coffee.

4. Frappachino – You may have one of these just because you want to give it a go. If you are a fan of ‘Slushies/slurpies’ then you will probably enjoy this. Just another way to increase sales to a brain washed civilisation.

5. Espresso – For those people who love the taste, and effect of coffee. Extremely passionate about the whole bean that is the coffee.

6. Double Espresso – I truly believe that people who only drink double espressos, tend to have severe emotional issues going on.

This list is just my general observation, so please do not take offense if you drink mocha’s, are a big brute of a man who works in a coal mine, and loved hot chocolate as a kid, so now needs it to feel the comforts of home, all of the way down in a dirty mine. It’s just my general oversight, sir.

Having traveled the world a couple of times now, and having tasted coffee in many different lands. Being a Kiwi (NZ) myself, I come from a country where the milk is stronger tasting than the coffee, so have grown up with a rather weakened palette, in the wide world of coffee. This somewhat weakened palette however, has been enhanced over the years of travel, and as my addiction to coffee grew steadily stronger, my palette intensified. Kind of like a junkies veins hardening up after years of heroin abuse, so did my palette after years of caffeine abuse.

From a kiwis perspective, and having tasted coffee the world over, my conclusions come down to this: Melbourne is the best place in the Southern hemisphere to get a good coffee. Anyone who has visited or resides here in Melbourne, would probably agree that Melbourne is the place to come and find a great coffee. You may think me bias for saying this, as I have resided here for a number of years. You must remember one thing though, I am a New Zealander, and struggle to give my dear Ozzy companions any more fire power than they already have over my beautiful country.

Yes, there are many wonderful cafes in this beautiful city of Melbourne, so many that you would find it impossible to list every one. This is in no way a bad thing though, as I know for a fact that there are many addicts out there who can not get by without a daily fix. They say that money makes the world go round, but I truly believe that coffee helps it spin faster. All those who don’t believe me, come to Melbourne, find yourself a good cafe, order a double espresso, and sit back. Spinning faster? Uh-huh. Welcome to your new addiction.

Oct 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Coffee
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