Don’t By-Pass All the By-Passes in Dunmow, Essex

Background – The thriving market town of Dunmow is home to an approximate 7000 people. Once a Roman Settlement it lies nestled in the district of Uttleford in North-West Essex, United Kingdom. Stansted Airport is the towns landmark neighbour. Dunmow also known as Great Dunmow gained it’s status as a favoured trading centre as a result of the excellent quality wool produced and supplied.

Landmarks – If you are interested in the towns history and developments the Great Dunmow Museum as well as Malting Museum inside the Great Dunmow Museum is the place to visit. The museum opened it’s doors in 2001, you will find everything and anything on the area here. Little Easton manor is a gardeners paradise with lakes and beautiful flora and fauna. Easton Lodge Gardens boast with restored Italian gardens as well as a mini museum.

Flitch Trails – The town is probably best known for it’s four-yearly event called the Flitch Trails. The event is rooted in 1120 in the neighbouring Little Dunmow town. Every Leap Year, married coupled have to convince a jury of bachelors and bachelorettes that they have not quarrelled for one year and a day. If this is proven successfully the couple will get a piece of bacon called a flitch and be paraded through the main street of town. The actual purpose of the trails is not merely to have fun but also to reaffirm the values of marriage as prescribed in the Christian faith. A beautiful custom I would personally love to attend.

Pubs and bars – Pubs and taverns are rive in the old town. With names such as The Boar’s Head, The Kicking Dickey and The Cricketers you will have an endless variety to pick and choose from.

Transportation – Travelling in the area is a little complicated as the town is characterised by by-pass on by-pass and more by-passes.

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