Dog Racing Tips – Secret to Winning With Old Dogs

I’ve written before about old dogs – when to bet them and when not to bet them. One thing I haven’t mentioned though, is how to tell if an older dog is even worth a second look. There is a way, and you can use it to fatten your bankroll.

When you look at a race, look at the dogs’ birth dates. Then, look at the grade of the race. If it’s a mid-grade race, look at the dog’s past lines. If they’re all mid-grade or better, consider the dog. Any dog, no matter its age, that can stay in mid-grade or higher, is a contender.

Of course, you have to consider the other dogs in the race, as well. If they’ve all been running in higher grade races, it means that the older dog will have a lot of contention. If they’re mostly dogs who are moving up, the older dog might just have an advantage.

As with any factor in greyhound handicapping, there’s no absolute rule for betting on older dogs. It makes sense that they’re worth a bet if they’ve been running well enough to stay around past their 5th birthday. Even if they’re in lower grades, don’t automatically count them out.

Sometimes, an older dog still has enough in him to win or place steadily in the lower grades. When they win, they move up. Since they can’t beat the competition in the higher grade, they move down again. That’s when to bet them. Maybe you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. But you can win some money on them, if you figure out when they’re as good a bet as the younger dogs are.

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