Do You Procrastinate? Why Do You Think You Do This?

Procrastination is so destructive! It holds back more people from success than almost anything else. If is is harmful to us, why then do we do put things off for tomorrow what we should do now? In this article I will reveal to you a few of the many reasons why people procrastinate and then direct you to a great resource that can help you to finally put and end to your procrastination once and for all. Keep on reading..One of the reasons that we procrastinate is that we tell ourselves that I’ll do it when I’m in the proper frame of mind.

Let’s get real: Unpleasant tasks are…, well, unpleasant so you’ll probably never be in the “right mood” to them. Washing dishes, mowing the lawn, or English grammar just isn’t fun. However, something that I did notice in myself is that once I finally do start these unpleasant chores, and get “into it” I forget my mood and focus on just finishing up what I have to do. And believe me, the more dreadful the task, the quicker you want to finish it and get it out of the way.Not only do we procrastinate before we start a task, we also procrastinate finishing things. One of the reasons for this is that we miscalculate the time we think that we need to do it. For instance, you might think that you can finish mowing the lawn in 2 hours, but in reality it is a whole day job. After you are working for 2 and half or 3 hours you get discouraged and you throw up your arms in total despondence as if to say, ‘I’ll never finish. Let me take a break!”

Sometimes a bad time estimation works in the opposite direction; you see that you gave yourself too much time for something so you say to yourself, “There is no reason to rush and finish up what I’m doing. I have plenty of time.” Until the dishes are piled up, the questions on the history homework are empty, and the few square feet of lawn is still not mowed. (You know what I mean?These are not the main reasons we procrastinate, however. The main reason is our fear of failure. This is especially true when we have to do something that will bring us monetary value. The horrible feeling of failing is just too much for a lot of us, so we push off and off and off so we won’t fail. (The logic is that if I don’t try then I didn’t fail, I just didn’t do it!)“One hundred percent”, you say, “he hit the nail right on the head!. But what can I do about it. Firstly, don’t expect to change this bad and destructive habit over night. There are no magic wands or magic potions that can help you overcome procrastination over night. This is a bad habit that you have to unlearn.In my signature you’ll find how to access a review of a very helpful resource that will help you overcome your procrastination and conquer. I strongly advise that you read it.

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