Do Bras Help Stop Sagging?

The purpose of a bra is to provide comfort and support for the breasts. Many argue that bras also stop breasts from sagging as time passes, but is this a true assertion? The answer may surprise you.

The anatomy of the breast is a surprise to many women. Well, more specifically the anatomy of how the breasts attach to the chest wall. Most intersections of body parts are a combination of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The breasts obviously don’t have bones, but they also don’t have muscles and tendons attaching them to your chest walls. The only thing holding them on if you will is fibrous tissue and ligaments. The ligament’s are the key and are known as “Cooper’s Ligaments.”

The purpose of your bra is to provide support, comfort and keep the breast from being damaged. You’ll note that not a word was said about preventing sagging. This is because the act of holding the breast in cups doesn’t do anything to keep the Cooper’s ligaments from stretching.

At this point, you are probably thinking just the opposite. Aren’t the ligaments stretched over time by the weight of the breasts? Well, yes they are. When you wear a bra, however, the lifting of the weight actually can lead to the ligaments atrophying. They do not “shrink up” or “take a rest” or any such thing. In short, you end up pretty much where you would have if you didn’t wear a bra.

The purpose of wearing a bra is to keep the girls where you want them and to keep them from being banged about and sore. Although there are not tests proving it, the best option to deal with sagging appears to be to wear a bra during the day, but also go through periods without one such as when walking around the house. This will keep the ligaments in working shape, but minimize the wear and tear they suffer over time.

Will bras keep your breast from sagging? Not particularly. This isn’t the purpose of your bra. That being said, if you’ve worn a bra for a long time, starting to go without now may be very painful as the Cooper’s Ligaments may have already begun to atrophy and be unable to adequately support the “girls” easily. That will lead to severe soreness at a minimum.

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