Discovering More Seafood Menu Options With Alaskan Cod

The best way to discover new and exciting seafood recipes that you will absolutely fall in love with is to buy a variety of seafood that is truly versatile, amenable to whatever kind of idea you have for a recipe (well, at least almost any). Some species of fish, for example, just do not shine when prepared one way instead of another, having only a very limited potential for creativity and innovation when cooking. Other species, however, are totally the opposite, and perhaps no other species of fish can boast of the incredible versatility and utility of fresh wild Alaska cod in the kitchen.

It has a texture that is just firm enough to make it right for whatever kind of idea you have in the kitchen. In fillets, it maintains its form extraordinarily well, and it is this property which has made it so popular for many recipes that require a lot of handling, like creating fish sticks, to give an example. In addition, it doesn’t break down into a million tiny fibers, a mushy mess the way many other kinds of fish do when cooked through, rather maintaining distinctively large and moist flakes that retain their firmness incredibly well. Basically, there isn’t a cut of wild Alaska cod that doesn’t perform well in the kitchen.

The mild and even flavor of cod helps maximize the possibilities of accompanying ingredients when creating new recipes. Unlike certain species with a heavier taste and higher levels of saltiness and ‘fishiness,’ that don’t combine well with certain other ingredients, wild Alaska cod is great in both sweet and savory dishes, utilizing a truly wide variety of accompanying ingredients. So, you can go with classics like grilled and fried fish with just a little salt and lemon, to more elaborate dishes like saut?d cod with fresh fruits and vegetables, or really whatever you happen to invent at the time. There are practically limitless options for inventing sauces, coatings, marinades, glazes, and garnishes when working with wild Alaska cod, so let the only thing stopping you be your own imagination. And know that, fortunately, this species of fish is low in fats and rich in essential nutrients, like quality proteins, so eating it will always be good for your health.

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