Discover Frappes – The Milkshake For Grownups!

The recent rapid increase in the number of coffee shops means more than just an increase in drinking coffee. People are adopting new tastes in eating and drinking and the proliferation of coffee shops is giving them the opportunity.

We have a vast choice of coffees and we care where they come from. The same applies to all the new drinks and tastes which are appearing.

Just as we had the advent of the fruit smoothie some ten years ago, now we have the frappes – a milk-based, ice-cold drink. They were originally based on a cold milky coffee but rapidly expanded their range to become mocha, chocolate, and mint chocolate through to banoffee and even strawberry and other fruit flavours. Many are made with all natural ingredients.

So what is a frappe? It’s a bit like a milkshake for grown-ups only, unlike the milkshakes we are used to, it is more about ice and cold which really enhance the flavour and texture of the flavoured milk. A very sophisticated flavour and feel, and a word which is quickly entering the lexicon of food and drink.

Although the frappe was invented by the Greeks, it has a French pronunciation (fra-pay) – it doesn’t rhyme with tap! In France, frappe means shaken or chilled. For the Greeks, frappe means shaken.

Originally, the frappe was a chocolate and milk drink for children (back to old-fashioned milkshakes again) and then was developed into a cold coffee and milk drink, which became popular in Greece and then spread to other European countries. The modern frappes, with so many flavours available, are simply a tasty variation of that original cold coffee and milk drink.

So who is drinking these frappes? Generally, anyone who normally frequents the contemporary coffee house, and who wants a change to their normal drink, especially in the warm weather.

Moreover, frappes are now being made and drunk at home. These new fridges with their crushed ice dispensers mean it is much easier to replicate the café culture at home.

If you are watching what you eat and drink, and trying to stick to low-fat, a frappe with skimmed milk is an excellent way of getting in some of that essential calcium. Skimmed milk tastes ‘thinner’ but turn it into a frappe and it tastes so much better.

And why drink them? Well, they are really easy to prepare. Just pour a shot of the flavoured syrup over crushed or cubed ice and milk, stir and it’s ready. Top it off with chocolate flakes, cream or even mini marshmallows.

More refreshing than alcohol, fewer calories, brilliant value and really healthy too. Enjoy!

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