Diet Solution the Freshest Weight Loss Trend

Market Press Release – April 10, 2011 12:17 am – Weight loss will never be as easy as this. The diet solution is the newest all in one weight loss solution on the internet.

The founder of the Diet Solution is the one and only Isabelle De Los Rios, a sleek and slim nutritionist.

Although it is a new weight loss program, the Diet Solution has proved to amaze many, including fellow doctors and dieticians.

Like the famous South Beach diet, this diet includes a carb scrub method that can be responsible for the loss of hundreds of pounds in mere weeks.

Del Los Rios’ diet is organized into three simple cycles that last less than a month. The cycles, she explained, prevent boredom and trigger calorie confusion, which helps burn calories and fat faster. For more information on the Diet Solution, head over to

Cycle 1 is the most restrictive, allowing for 1,200 calories a day and eliminating bad carbs.

Cycle 2 allows for 200 more calories and adds two servings of healthy carbs.

The third cycle pushes the calorie limit even higher with some extra snacks that will burn even more fat.

Cycle 4 is all about maintaining your new slim and sleek body.

Most people will like the best part of the diet, no exercise. Although exercise plays an important role in weight loss, the diet solution seems to get by wonderfully.

Many might think that the arrival of such a weight loss program is inevitable.

“I have yet to see a weight loss program that only requires food and no exercise” says Sandy Harfordson. She is one of many that are amazed by the confidence this program holds on helping people lose weight without exercise.

“I am completely sold!” cries Emily Nactor, an obese teenager of Londonderry. She says she would give up McDonalds if she could lose weight without a treadmill or gym.

And there you are folks, the freshest weight loss trend of the year, the Diet Solution.

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