Diagnosing ADHD – Who Should Do It?

The right person who should diagnose ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder still remains debatable. Most doctors are equipped with the knowledge that concerns ADHD. But not all of them specialize in diagnosing ADHD.

As an immediate action, you can go to your family physician. The upside of going to your family physician is that they know your medical history. There might be instances in your medical records that will give glimpses of ADHD and will help for an easier diagnosis.

However, not all family physicians can advise you on the actions that need to be undertaken and the right medications to help alleviate the symptoms. It is better to seek for second opinions from a doctor who specialize in neurological or behavioral disorders.

A neurologist can better explain the functions or lack thereof of the brain. If you want to get a more scientific idea of what is transpiring in the brain of a child with ADHD, a neurologist can better explain it to you. On the downside, a neurologist can be a bit costly, especially if you still have to undergo MRI.

You can also opt to go to a licensed shrink or a psychologist who can better explain the behavioral part of your child’s ADHD. Psychologists can advise you on some strategies that you can do in dealing with ADHD in children. You can also enroll in a therapy session with your psychologist for a different take to ADHD medication.

You can also consider going to a psychiatrist. Unlike a psychologist, they can prescribe you with the right medication. Unfortunately, they do not specialize in giving behavioral counsel.

Health workers are also an option. Most of the health workers specialize in children’s disorders so they can help in an accurate diagnosis of ADHD in children.

When it comes to diagnosing ADHD, an expert’s diagnosis is of absolute importance. No amount of self-prognosis is sufficient in diagnosing this condition.

It is also important to ask for advice on what healthy, natural and drug-free treatments to give to your children. A drug-free treatment like homeopathic remedies will not alter your body’s chemical patterns and it will alleviate and reduce the symptoms of ADHD sans the side effects.

Homeopathic remedies actually help improve the over all health condition of your child. It uses natural ingredients like Arsen Iod and Hyoscyamus. It does not just treat ADHD as a whole but it takes into consideration the individual needs of every ADHD child.

If you want to get maximum results, you can combine this treatment with a behavioral therapy session with your psychologist or a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Carefully dissecting all your medication choices will help you decide on the right medication to your child’s ADHD. Diagnosing ADHD should be done as early as possible for the treatments to be administered early.

Jun 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Mental Health
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