Cynism has not rescued anyone. It fits the fainthearted

Some time ago I asked all who claim that „everything can be bought, a question is only about the price” to wash their faces (“True price for giving oneself and selling”). I was not surprised when many do not agree to my invitation. Even people whose opinion I listen to said that unfortunately everything could be bought in the world. So to say – what can not be bought for money can be bought for a big amount of money.

Sadly – many accept the idea that everything can be bargained, nothing is sacred. Of course, I can agree that sometimes there are extreme and desperate situations in life. But think about it – these are not shoppy affairs, it’s rather sacrifice for some sacred goals but not horse-trading. But those people who take advantage of these desperate moments can be called not shoppy people but dirty criminals.

Perhaps a bit naive but I still believe that there were and are people who never agree to the idea that everything can be bargained. There is an old and simple story about one man whom I remember from my schooldays. It is about a teacher of a war school who taught young soldiers to deal with weapons. In one lesson he showed his cadets how to handle grenades and bombs. Suddenly he noticed that one cadet instead of instructional grenade had brought into action the real one. It explodes just in a couple seconds. The teacher grabbed already activated „hell-machine”, took stock of the situation – a class full of students, outside – street full of people and decided to stand in the corner of the class and hide the bomb with his body before it explodes. He did it.

I do not think you should ever be able to persuade this man of honour to sell some sacred or holy things. Because not everything is brought under the trade in this world. It was not and will not.

No doubts there will be many cynical comments of many people about this example. It’s not worth arguing with them. Not long ago I read one mot just/pointful saying – “Cynism has not rescued anyone. It fits the fainthearted.” It is a quote from the fragments of diary of the brilliant Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. I greatly advise reading them to everybody. The diary of Tarkovsky is a very good example to those who write today’s Internet diaries or blogs. Simple, exact, witty and very humane notes.

Digressing from the theme I recently read some unusual reflexions. A young student from Eastern Europe who has studied in children’s boarding-school of German aristocrats published a story „How I gained the secondary education”. For example, her discussion with her school mates – westerners about the East. A Eastern European declared to Germans that the light comes from the East but they thought – a stench. A real pearl was a verity of a duchess that „bad mood means a non-ecological lifestyle”.

Fantastic thought! Something like that can come into mind only to those people who drink champagne in the mornings!

Have a nice Day and be careful,
Paul Lasaro

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