Costa Rica is a Gift

Seven provinces is all you will find in Costa Rica, but you would be amazed by the variety of species and culture mixture. You can find a taste of an international community. Depending on the specific zones, you can find samples of every race and world wide traditions.

Besides, being a pacific country which abolished the army sixty years ago in pro of education to gain the focus of the social interest, you can find people with a rather na?e perspective of life.

Taking the bad with the good, crime is not as strong as in other neighbor countries which have a long chain of resentment among their brother countries but people should be cautious in every place they visit. Even more if they know nothing about the culture.

There are thousands of attractions if you know where to look for. Depending on your knowledge, you can choose the most common tours like volcanoes, beaches, tropical rain forests, turtle reservations and many more usually brochure material. Nevertheless, there is an underworld of small and acquired taste: The day by day routine experimented by the locals.

People in Costa Rica, in most cases are open to change their daily tasks to help tourists find the treasures they are looking for. The night of dance and laugh at the local bar (“Cantina”), the Sunday afternoon watching a football soccer match in family, going out to the green hills of some farmer, usually a relative. Those are entertainment that is not advertised nor printed in any of the mentioned brochures. The only way to enjoy these activities is by making contact in a honest way.

Many visitors come to Costa Rica with some kind of superiority air, rather snobbish. That is not the attitude. This person, will experience a bad time and will shot the doors himself to go beyond the material part of the trip and touch the real reason why a country becomes appealing to the rest of the world: People.

Of course, this can be applied to any country, but Costa Rica, If you have been there you would know about the magic. But only for those who have the keen eye and sensitivity to find the way to suck the life out of every moment offered. Life is a gift.

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