Correcting a Golf Slice – What You Should Avoid Doing to Try and Fix That Slice

Correcting a golf slice is easy to do when you know and focus on fixing the problem. I sliced the ball for years to the point that I stopped having fun with golf. I got destroyed by my friends and co-workers all the time and could never seem to make up any ground, skill wise on them. Golf had become something that I despised because I was too stubborn to go to the root of my slicing problem.

I must have tried everything under the sun from new clubs to over compensating for my slice and nothing helped. Look, if you want to get better you have to understand why you slice and you have got to avoid doing the following things.

1. Aiming to the left thinking that when you slice it will fade into the fairway or for lefties aiming right. This will often cause you to magnify your slice and then you will be searching for articles and fixes for why your distance has fallen off.

2. Another thing that golfers will try to do to fix that slice is rotating with your chest instead of your hips and then over rolling your wrists. Believe me I have tried both of these and they may produce an occasional good shot but you will lack consistency.

3. You have to avoid the inside out swing to cut down on slicing the ball. When you do this your club face will be open at the point of impact forcing the ball to the right. If you are doing this then welcome to my world about three years ago. Look, I know slicing the ball is really frustrating but if you want to fix it for good there is hope for you. Fixing my golf swing was hard work but I finally got the help I Needed and fixed my swing.

4. Putting the ball further ahead near the lead foot is another shortcut that does not work. We all know that the ball should be on the inside of the lead foot but some golfers will but the ball in front of the lead foot in an attempt to hit the ball square.

So what happens when you actually swing well and the ball is in front of the lead foot, you are going to crush the ball way left. This is not a fix your just putting a band aid over a gun shot wound to the stomach. The real key to playing better is to fix your swing mechanics instead of compensating for your slice.

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