Control Your Woman’s Brain With These Spasm Inducing Dark Sex Secrets

Few men know truly amazing sex secrets. Most everyone knows the basic G-spot tricks, the clitoral moves, and that foreplay really does make a difference. But few men belong to the brotherhood of the darkest sex moves.

The one concept that will put you in total control of sex

A lot of men know that the G-spot is an area of the female anatomy that is capable of producing some pretty amazing orgasms. But, most men stop at about 1 or 2 climaxes. Very few guys know what happens past this number. Those who venture past the average understand just how powerful the Grafenberg area can be. This area of your lover can, easily, produce over 20 climaxes in a single sitting. Depending how sensitive your woman is, you could be looking at 50 mind-numbing releases. The secret is to not stop after the first few begin.

You want to allow her to have the first few and give her quick breaks of 15-30 seconds. This can be done with the hand, but you may want to purchase an implement so you can also practice some oral will this is going on.

The oral and G-spot combination trance

Above, we discussed the true potential of the spot. When used in conjunction with oral sex, you will have complete control of when she climaxes. You will be creating bucking, screaming releases here. Do not get between her legs when you combine the two, she will crush your head and nose with the spasms. Take these secrets and rock her world my friend.

Apr 7th, 2017 | Posted in Sexuality
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