Control Your Basketball Game by Learning How to Dribble

In order to control the game, you should be able to dribble and control the ball. That is why there are some professional basketball players who way above the rest. They have mastered the art of controlling the ball.

Basketball handling is not about being flashy and showing off. If you do this, you are spoiling the momentum of the game and that of your teammates. A good ball handler should be able to control the ball but he should also be alert so that he can pass the ball in a fraction of a second. Ball controlling means being able to see the entire court and not just keeping an eye on the ball.

Here are some basics about dribbling and controlling the ball on a basketball court:

• The most point is to stick to the fundamentals. Do not try to show off with your flashy moves as it will bring down the morale of your team.

• Dribbling is not about speed. It about being alert, looking at what is going on and then dribbling. Whenever possible, pass the ball to your teammate.

• It is important to be gentle but firm and quick with the ball. Do not pound it. Use your wrist and fingers to dribble it.

• Your head should be up at all times and the ball should be close to your body.

• When dribbling, your knees should be bent so that your body is crouched and your head should be directly over the midpoint of your feet.

• If you get caught on the sidelines or corners, try to move away from these areas. Of course the best way to move away would be to pass the ball quickly to your teammate.

• The dribble should until a point from where you can either execute a shot or make a good pass.

• The ball should be always on the opposite side of the defender. In addition, the ball should be kept low; your forearm should be parallel to the floor; and your elbow should be close to your body.

• It is important to learn to dribble with both hands equally well. Of most ambidextrous dribblers use their best hand whenever the opportunity arises.

• Finally, you have to learn the art of changing pace and direction at blink of an eye.

Jan 11th, 2017 | Posted in Baseball
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