Compulsive Disorder – Various Types of OCD, Hurting Others, Mental Rituals, Etc

Do you ever have thoughts of hurting other people?

Do you ever fear that one day you will end up in jail because you hurt or killed someone else because of your OCD?

Don’t worry. You are not alone in this fear. Millions of people that suffer from OCD face this fear every day. These are well meaning people that know they would never do anything like this. They just suffer with thoughts about it.

The first thing you should know is that these are intrusive thoughts and that our brains sometimes think about things we don’t want it to think about. It’s almost like a battle in your mind.

You might be thinking, “there must be a reason why I’m thinking like this, maybe I am a serial killer or something.” Nope, not true at all.

Our brains are fascinated with things that sometimes we would not like them to be fascinated about. All throughout history, you can see people watching violence and even in tv today, it is so popular. There is something that is attractive to our brains about it.

Watching violence and doing it are two very different things so you don’t have to fear that if you like watching it, you’d actually do it because that’s not true. These are two different universes.

If you feel that you really would harm someone, you should seek counseling immediately and possibly some medication.

If you are just having intrusive thoughts, just know that they are just that, intrusive thoughts. You can delight in the fact that you won’t ever harm a person and that is why you don’t have to worry anymore. Look at the fact that you are so worried about it as a testament to the fact that you would never actually do it.

Take action: If by chance you really think that you are going to eventually harm someone, you should seek out a therapist and perhaps some medication from them.

If you know it’s just intrusive thoughts, stop worrying because the fact that you are worrying about it shows that you would never do anything like that. So rest easy, knowing it’s an intrusive thought. Just think about things that you love, maybe it could be vacations or even rainbows or money or whatever. You can now understand that when you are excited about your passion, it really gives you much less time to worry about anything.

When you can become good at recognizing when you are having an OCD thought, then you will realize that you really don’t have to worry about it. If you feel like you have to do a ritual, physical or mental, then that is an OCD thought. You can then know that it’s not you, but just an OCD thought. This is believe it or not, half the battle.

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