Commission Blueprint Review – An Honest Review

Thank you for taking your time to read my Commission Blueprint Review. Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton have put together what some people are calling the new Day Job Killer. It certainly is an innovative product which will set the standard as Day Job Killer did a few years back.

Below I have provided potential members a breakdown of what you should come to expect and where you can pick up some really cool bonuses along the way.

My Commission Blueprint Review Rating

I purchased the system a couple of weeks after its launch in august of last year and after digging in deep to action I realised how much stuff there is to learn.

This can be good if you’re a seasoned marketer looking to brush up on things you may have missed out on, or bad, if you’re expecting to make a ton of cash straight from the off.

Don’t expect that kind of result, because Commission Blueprint is a serious course for serious marketers, who want long term results.

This is recommended if you’re new to affiliate marketing aswell because the course is not only academic, but engaging to follow through right to the final cash flow and business management video.

I’d give the course and 8 ?out of 10. It’s one of the best out there in my opinion. You’d be hard pressed to find a course with real social proof, video tutorials and templates and PDF to back it up.

But I have a feeling there is more to come from Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton.


The entire system is akin to a real course, hence the weight of the stuff. Commission Blueprint contains 14 in depth video tutorials to follow step by step and 5 Pdf’s. You will learn the exact ‘blueprint’ which has made these 2 guys affiliate commissions like no mans business.

Here is a breakdown of the whole Commission Blueprint Package:


Video 1 – Introduction & Welcome

Video 2 – How To Use This Program

Video 3 – Picking Profitable & High Converting Products

Video 4 – In-Depth Keyword Research & Advanced Tools

Video 5 – Domain Name Secrets & Hosting Set Up

Video 6 – Creating Your Story – The Essential Component

Video 7 – Setting Up Your Landing Pages For Maximum Conversion

Video 8 – Setting Up Your Campaign

Video 9 – Managing Your Campaign

Video 10 – Picking A Winner & Milking It

Video 11 – Scaling For Profit (Step From $100’s to $1000’s In Profit)

Video 12 – What Can Go Wrong & How To Fix It Fast

Video 13 – Cash Flow & Business Management

Video 14 – Wrap Up

The Templates:

The Review Page Template

The Pre-Sell Page Template

Opt-In Page Templates

The PDFs:

Opt-In Page Secrets

Pre-Sell Page Secrets

Review Page Secrets

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